August 2016: Pokémon Go in the classroom

"How can you utilize the game “PokemonGo” into your classroom in a meaningful way? Harnessing student excitement of this game can easily be used to support all kinds of fun and pedagogically-sound lessons and activities.
Before we start, and if you have not yet played the game, there are some vocabulary words you might need.


Screetshot from game

  • Pokemon Go: an augmented reality, GPS-based, mobile device game which uses real-world locations to gather virtual items
  • Pokemon: the characters in the game you seek to capture and use for other purposes
  • Pokeball: the item you need to capture Pokemon
  • Pokestop: Place you locate in the game and visit to gather Pokeballs
  • Pokedex: A incomplete encyclopedia given to you in the game that is populated with details of the Pokémon as you capture them
  • Gym: a specific place in the game where you can have your Pokemon battle for control
  • Journal: a time-based list of your activity in the game
  • Pokemon trivia: Pokemon is short for “Pocket Monsters”
  • APA style guide for “Pokemon Go” information. 


Many of the Pokestops in the game showcase a local business, attraction or historical site. Since students  already have their phone in their hands, have them use the Google Street View app to take a 360° spherical panoramic image of the Pokestop. Having these images to share with others will both promote community pride as well as allow immersion in the Pokestop via a Google Cardboard Viewer or via the Ricoh Theta S app. By taking the time to create and share the 360° images, students will become familiar with some of the cool sites in their community." Read More ]



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